Special instruction for foreign guests

Foreign guests attending the Conference on-site shall strictly abide by China's prevention and control regulations against COVID-19. Starting from January 7, 2022, Qingdao city has taken the following measures for the control of COVID-19. All passengers arriving in Qingdao from abroad must report to the local epidemic control department 3 days prior to arrival (we will provide information later on). After arriving in Qingdao, 14-day centralized quarantine and following 7-day medical observation at home or hotel are required. During the 14-day centralized quarantine, 4 times nucleic tests against COVID-19 are required. At the end of centralized quarantine, the visitors will receive one nucleic test of COVID-19 and one rapid antibody test against COVID-19. At the end of the following 7-day medical observation at home or hotel, visitors will be officially released from quarantine. To avoid the troubles from the cancellation of booked flight tickets, hotels and refund of the registration fee, we strongly recommend that the foreign participants don’t make a travel plan before October 1. We will inform foreign participants on updated epidemic prevention policies as soon as they are made public.