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June 1, 2022
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June 1, 2022
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September 30, 2022

Welcome Message

Dear colleagues,

As president of the Asian Environmental Mutagen Association(AAEMS), I am pleased to welcome you to the 7th Asian Conference on Environmental Mutagens(7th ACEM)and the 19th Conference of Chinese Environmental Mutagen Society(19th CEMS)held in Qingdao on November 4-7, 2022.

With a theme of "Global Change and Environmental Genomic Health in Asia", the conference aims to promote research on the basic application and transformation of environmental mutagens and genomic health in Asia and the Pacific Rim, and to develop and close to peer exchanges and cooperation within the region. The conference was originally scheduled to be held in Qingdao in November 2021. However, we are sorry that the conference had to be postponed until November 4-7, 2022 given the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Asia-Pacific region has assumed a critical role in the global economy. AAEMS is composed of eight members of countries. Although every country has its own different cultural model and economic development level, we face common environmental and health problems. The AAEMS was established to promote the continuous expansion and orderly conduct of research activities and exchanges in the field of environment and health.

The topics of the conference include not only traditional fields such as DNA damage repair, chemical carcinogenesis, teratogenesis, and mutagenesis, but also some new fields such as exposure science and exposure omics, genomics and epigenetics, computer modeling, and bioinformatics. We hope that this conference will attract the active participation of scholars from various fields of environment and health sciences, especially young scholars and students, so as to inject fresh vitality into our field.

The Chinese Environmental Mutagen Society(CEMS)as the organizer of the conference, it has made a great efforts to organize the conference. In face of COVID-19, CEMS has repeatedly coordinated with various countries to adjust the time of conference, so that as many participants as possible can attend the conference. In view of China's current situation and policies in mitigating COVID-19, the conference plan to be held both online and offline. The vast majority of foreign representatives are likely to attend the conference online. However, we will still strive to ensure the best conference possible.

Finally, I wish this conference a great success.

Prof. Jia Cao

Chairman of ACEM/CEMS 2022

President of AAEMS

President of CEMS